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- Music by Long Day Sin:

  •   America Owns America Wins

  •   I Want Money (Money, TWIW)

  •   I Want Money - Guitar Solo

  •   ME Generation

  •   River Run Water Fall

  •   White Pride


- Arduino device tracks

  •   White Pride
  •   Money TWIW - Part 1
  •   Money TWIW - Part 2
  •   Money TWIW - Part 3

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Long Day Sin is a creative milieu where like-minded musicians share their life and music experiences.   Some members of the group are musically trained, others self-taught. All are dedicated to writing music that is both distinct and contemporary. Members of the group like to think of themselves as musiculptors.

The group formed during the period of manufactured cheesy pop, packaged country rock, vapid metal, and banal gantasta rap. Ironically, the musicians that form Long Day Sin will readily admit they've been influenced by one or more of the aforementioned genres. It is this eclectic mix that shapes their sound.

The main players of the group are:

bdC – Vocals
sdB – Guitars, vocals
sfJ – Bass
drL – Arduino Gadgets
izO – Virtual Drum & Percussion Library

In an effort to fuse Middle-Eastern and Western music, Long Day Sin recruited the help of ethnic virtual music libraries for the percussion and additional vocals. We like to think of this library as our access to esteemed artists otherwise beyond reach. You'll hear the following singers on the indicated tracks.

Gregana Kushewa – Bulgarian vocal on "Rebellious Youth"
Neda Homayoon – Iranian/Arabic vocal on "Money That’s What I Want"
Seref Dalyanoglu – Turkish vocal on "America Owns America Wins"


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