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  •   America Owns America Wins

  •   I Want Money (Money, TWIW)

  •   I Want Money - Guitar Solo

  •   ME Generation

  •   River Run Water Fall

  •   White Pride


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  •   White Pride
  •   Money TWIW - Part 1
  •   Money TWIW - Part 2
  •   Money TWIW - Part 3

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American Made Lyrics



American Made Lyrics


Verse 1
You take away my voice
And call it democracy
You take away my home
And point that finger at me
Hey there Mr. Banker
Do you seem them little f******?
Ordinary folks like me
Beaten up by Wall Street's greed
The living that's owed to me
I'll never get
Treat people like s***
And that's what you'll get

Chorus 1
Raise the flag
Raise marketshare
Ain't that the American way
Corporate greed
Corporate welfare
Alive and well in the USA
Start the machine
And crank out the dreams

Verse 2
Forget race and religion
Look at the way things stand
Don't you see we're all n******
To the rulers of the land
Corporate rakes the profit
You and I pay the price
Government says buy the stocks
And borrow lots of money
I'm working hard
Working for nothing
So much for new

Chorus 2
Raise the flag
Raise market share
Ain't that the American way
Make a fist
Make a fortune
Living here in the USA
Start the machine
And crank out the dreams


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