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America Owns America Wins Lyrics



America Owns America Wins Lyrics


You can hear an abridged version of the song on YouTube.

Verse 1
I don't give a s*** about anything
I don't give a f*** about you
I'll hurt you, steal from you
Do anything to make a million or two
You know me as the leader
You're told to respect
The chance to screw you over
Is the chance I wouldn't miss

Chorus 1
You can pull all you want
You'll never break free
New standards and values
On the color screen
The world's going to s***
One bad mutherf****** trip
When America owns
America wins

Verse 2
I take what I want when I want it
I'll take all the faith that you got
I'm overweight, over privileged
Feeding off the less fortunate class
You know me as the leader
Full of national pride
You're not fighting for your freedom
You're fighting for my dreams

Chorus 2
You can't go around me
And you can't go through
You make an easy target
When you're running on the spot
I think of myself
And the world's at my feet
When America owns
America wins

Verse 3
Stop telling the lies
Start telling the truth
When America owns
America wins


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