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- Music by Long Day Sin:

  •   America Owns America Wins

  •   I Want Money (Money, TWIW)

  •   I Want Money - Guitar Solo

  •   ME Generation

  •   River Run Water Fall

  •   White Pride


- Arduino device tracks

  •   White Pride
  •   Money TWIW - Part 1
  •   Money TWIW - Part 2
  •   Money TWIW - Part 3

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Long Day Sin

American Rock. Middle East Rhythms.


Long Day Sin's music relies heavily on Middle Eastern influences. The doumbek, djembe, Armenian double-reed duduk, kamancheh, and oud are featured along with Bulgarian chanting, and Turkish/Arabic singing.

No other artist currently blends Mediterranean influences with rock music the way Long Day Sin does.  This fusion stems from the ethnic and religious diversity among its group members who have roots in Arab states, Israel, and America. 

Here's how people have described Long Day Sin's music:

A tapestry of sound and sentiment - Punk Rock News 

Music that hits like amphetamines - eGuitar World 

Different but I like them - RadioAirplay

Like most Americans, Long Day Sin also has a great interest in the political and the economic destiny of this great nation. The songs speak to contemporary issues facing Americans as well as people from all corners of the globe. PR & Album Review

Long Day Sin is American rock fused with Middle Eastern rhythms.

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